A Vortex of Green Blood is the first sub-chapter of the Part III Prologue in the PS2/Xbox version of Max Payne.


The chapter starts with Nicole Horne departing Punchinello manor after killing Angelo Punchinello and drugging Max Payne with a large dose of Valkyr, leaving him for dead in the manor.

As she and her men head to Cold Steel, Max finds himself in another nightmare about the death of his family; once again exploring a twisted dream version of his old house, he hears his wife and follows her voice through the house.

Other Character AppearancesEdit

Video WalkthroughEdit

Max Payne Walkthrough (PS2) A Vortex of Green Blood Level 1708:31

Max Payne Walkthrough (PS2) A Vortex of Green Blood Level 17

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