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Alive if Not Exactly Well
Alive if Not Exactly Well
Fabiana being escorted by the CS
Vital statistics
Start Commando Sombra settlement near the Tiente River
End On a broken boat with Passos
Prerequisites Complete Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink
Level Chapter 5 (Part 1)
Location Commando Sombra settlement
Rewards Advancement
Previous Next
Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink A Dame, a Dork, and a Drunk
"I'd seen enough to know Fabiana was at least alive, if not exactly well"
Max Payne upon seeing Fabiana on a video tape on TV

Alive If Not Exactly Well is the fifth chapter in Max Payne 3.


Max continues the search of Fabiana in the docks filled with Commando Sombra soldiers. Later in the chapter, he finds Fabiana being escorted by Commando Sombra. Max begins pursuing the captors and later ends up seeing Fabiana being hold captive on a boat full of Commando Sombra, with the driver of the boat being Serrano. Luckily for Max, Passos shows up with his boat and both begin pursuing the enemy, while Passos drives and Max shoots with an LMG. Passos' boat starts have technical difficulties along the way and so Passos is forced to fix the boat while the enemy escapes and the player defends. After Passos fixes the boat, they are back in pursuit of the enemy and Fabiana, so they have to take a shortcut in order to catch up to them again after a member crashes them off and accidentally crashes under a bridge. Later on, as the enemy is being pursued, Passos' boat ramp jumps through an abandoned wooden warehouse and Max pulls out his gun and shoots some of the members before the boat's engine breaks. Fabiana has slipped from Max yet again.


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Video WalkthroughEdit


Max Payne 3 - Collectables Guide - Chapter 5 Golden Guns & Clues(03:55)

Obtainable Achievements/TrophiesEdit


Something Wicked This Way Comes

Get 7 Kills While Jumping From The Rickety Boat [FREE AIM]

10 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy

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