An Empire of Evil is the last chapter of Part I in Max Payne.


When first entering the room, Max discovers more of Jack Lupino's occult collection, as well as various writings by Lupino himself, and a letter from Don Punchinello telling the Punchinello underboss to straighten up. Moving into the main room of Lupino's lair, Max takes out several bodyguards before confronting Jack Lupino himself. After exchanging gunfire with Lupino and the last of his men, Max finally takes him out, and at that moment a mysterious woman shows up and pulls a gun on Max, ending the chapter and first part of the story.

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On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is titled Straight from a Bad Dream.

Obtainable Accomplishments/TrophiesEdit


An Empire of Evil

Complete 'Part I Chapter 9: An Empire Of Evil' on any difficulty



Time to Die I

Finish Part I in under 1 hour


06 The American Dream

The American Dream

Complete Part I on any difficulty

Bronze BronzeTrophy


  • The various names of the "demons and dark gods" that Lupino is heard shouting throughout the chapter are a combination of ancient and contemporary names of demons and gods from various beliefs and mythologies. For instance, Beelzebub is a name sometimes given to the Devil, or a high-ranking demon of Hell; "Lilith" is portrayed as a female demon in Jewish mythology; "Cthulhu" is a deity from the stories of writer H.P. Lovecraft; "Hela" is a goddess from the Marvel Comics universe, based on the Norse goddess Hel who rules over the eponymous realm.

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Max Payne - The American Dream - An Empire of Evil (HD)

Max Payne - The American Dream - An Empire of Evil (HD)