Annie Finn is a licensed gunsmith and dealer in firearms who works for Vladimir Lem.


Her appearance suggests that she is of African heritage. At some point before 2003, she began to work as a gunsmith and arms dealer for Russian mobster Vladimir Lem, often working at his warehouse.

One day in 2003, a group of cleaners work for Squeaky Cleaning Company enter Annie's warehouse, owned by Lem, and attack the place, killing most of the employees there, who worked for both Annie and Lem. Two Cleaners capture her and tied her.

Max Payne, an NYPD detective arrives to the scene, killing in his way many of the Cleaner hitmen, and finding Annie. He tells to the Cleaners to leave her, but they shoot at him and execute Annie with a shot in a head.

Following her death, Lem shows remorse over her death, and calls her a princess, while in reality, her death was part of the Russian's plan to blame Vinnie Gognitti, so people will not suspect Lem himself.



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