I can't hear you! -Max Payne lying to his interrogator that they hit him in the ear.

Confrontion at the UFE station Edit

This takes place during A Fat Bald Dude with a Bad Temper.

Sypnosis Edit

After saying goodbye to Raul Passos and a pregnant Giovanna Taveres at the real police station, Wilson Da Silva was disappointed that Max refused to kill Passos. But Max didn't want to as he is going to be a father. With enough evidence that Victor Branco and Armando Becker are using people's organs to help Branco's mayoral fund to try and win the election. Since they can't get the UFE officially, Max decides to go in alone while Da Silva makes a diversion in a few hours (10:00 to be exact). Max comes in and surrenders his gun at the reception desk and gets handcuffed and escorted by two members. They escort him to an interrogation room and unlock his cuffs and throw him on a chair and start beating him on the head. It was near 10:00 when Max who now has blood on his shirt and his interrogators keep saying "What are you doing here?" and Max tries to lie to them saying he can't hear them and that they hit him in the ear. Then at 10:00 sharp Max makes the two interrogators head but each other killing them and Max takes an M1911 from one of the dead officers. After leaving the interrogation room and killing a guard Max hides in an office as prisoners have now broken out and are battling the UFE.

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