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The DeMarco crime family is an Italian mafia based in New Jersey. The Don of the family by 2012 is Anthony DeMarco. According to Max Payne, the Mafia's major business is drugs dealing.



Nothing is known about the organization's origins. It seems that the Mafia was not influential in 2001 and 2003, but became much stronger by 2012, possibly due to the weakening of other crime syndicates such as the Punchinello crime family and Vladimir Lem's Russian Mob through the years. At some point prior to 2012, Anthony DeMarco became the Don of the Family while his spoiled and arrogant son Tony served as his right-hand man and the Underboss of the Family. It also seems that certain members of the Mafia, such as Tony, hang out at Walton's Bar.

Hunting Max PayneEdit

Bar brawlEdit


A DeMarco member

In 2012, Tony DeMarco, the son of the Don and the Family's Underboss, along with a few friends, enter Walton's bar and encounter the former NYPD detective Max Payne. They begin to tease him, though Payne remains relaxed and taunts the thugs back. Tony gets angry, thinking that Payne disrespected his family, and pulls an M1911 to the detective's head. Tony, however, is confronted by Raul Passos, who points a .38 Revolver at the mobster. Tony and his group exit the bar, but tells Payne and Passos that they will return.

A while later, Tony returns with his friends and confronts Max and Raul again. He hits a woman who was drinking with Passos. Max then takes a handgun and kills Tony. A large group of mobsters that were in the bar attack Payne and Passos, but they manage to escape and run to Max's place.

War with PunchinellosEdit

Some time later after Max leaves New Jersey, he spots a newspaper on a yacht in Panama, which states that the DeMarcos and Punchinellos have restarted their animosity towards each other and resulted in turf war.


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