Dead Men Walking is a co-operative multiplayer gamemode for Max Payne 3, and was released as part of the Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC pack. It is a slight variation on the Dead Man Walking arcade mode for Max Payne 2. The first player to host a match controls Max Payne, while the second player controls Raul Passos. Costume variations of each can be chosen in the server lobby if they were unlocked for Max Payne 3's multiplayer system, and players can play by themselves by hosting a 'private match'.

There are several key differences from the Dead Man Walking gamemode from Max Payne 2:


  • Enemies are pushed out in increasingly difficult and larger waves, with a minute or so break between to replenish ammunition/pills/weapons. There are "boss" fights every couple of waves.
  • Points and "Grit" are awarded for each kill. Bullet time/Shootdodge kills earn more points and grit, as well as headshots, kill streaks, and not taking damage.
  • Grit is type of currency used only in Dead Men Walking that can be used to purchase pills, weapons, ammunition, weapon upgrades, and open doors scattered throughout the (currently) two maps available in the gamemode.
  • If one of the players die, they are captured and must be rescued from a random point on the map. The uncaptured player doesn't earn any points during this time, and must have at least a bronze level of grit to rescue their partner.

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