Dopefish poster

Dopefish is a commonly appearing easter egg in older video games, starting back in 1991. It was created by Tom Hall as a character idea for an episode of Commander Keen. It has appeared in various classic shooters, such as Doom II and Quake.

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The Dopefish, an easter egg found in Max Payne

Dopefish is found in the Max Payne game, in a secret ammunition room whilst Max Payne is pursuing Vinnie Gognitti. It is found in the style of a poster, with the caption 'Dopefish Lives' in bold letters. Dopefish is seen wielding two handguns, seemingly similar to the 9mm handguns that Max Payne uses.

Dopefish can also be found as an Easter egg in another Remedy game, Alan Wake. It is found in the second storey of a book store.


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