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FMP G3S is a sniper rifle in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer.

The weapon is unlocked at rank 20 in multiplayer and cost $10,000.

In singleplayer this gun is extremely rare, and is only found on one occasion. In chapter 13, while in the mock-up police training course, an enemy will fire at max from atop a shipping container. In order to get the gun, you must shoot the enemy in the legs, causing him to drop it to the floor.

Can also obtained from the enemy who is shooting at the tower. However, it works well when you're about to die and kill him.



  • Barrel Upgrade (Level 6)


  • Extended Mag  (Level 2)
  • Mag Guide (Level 5)


  • Gas Block (Level 3)
  • Gas Systems Kit (Level 4).


  • Gold Plating (Obtained via story)

Trivia Edit

  • Its the only sniper rifle in the game to have a laser attached on it.

Behind the scenes Edit

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