The Finito brothers
Finito Kardesler
Relationships None
Affiliation Punchinello crime family
Occupation Mobsters
Location Lupino's Hotel
Death 2001 (killed by Max Payne)
Voice Actor Tye Reign
Performer Unknown

Joey and Virgilio Finito are two brothers who are high-ranking members of the Punchinello crime family.


The duo are two mobsters "with shark-smiles" running Jack Lupino's hotel. They are both high-ranking members of the Punchinello crime family. They answer directly to Vinnie Gognitti, but seem to dislike him.


In 2001, when Max Payne shows up at the hotel to meet Lupino, he finds the Finito brothers instead. Payne tries to maintain his undercover disguise, but by this time the Finito brothers have already found out he was a cop and, after a short dialogue, open fire on him. Payne kills them both.

Joey is the taller of the two while Virgilio is shorter and wears a hat and shades.