Hoboken is a city in the state of New Jersey, United States of America. It is possibly located near the Payne residence.

By 2012, Max Payne resides in an apartment in the city.

That year, while "drunk on self-pity" at Walton's Bar, Max kills Anthony DeMarco's son after witnessing him strike a woman. His father sends hitmen after Max, but Max and Raul Passos successfully escape Hoboken and head to São Paulo, Brazil.

Hoboken in Max Payne consists of mid-ruse run-down or abandoned tenement buildings.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the comic "After the Fall", Max Payne is shown to take a bus from Hoboken to the Golgotha Cemetery. However, it is unknown if the graveyard is located within the limits of the city or somewhere outsite of it.
  • Assuming Michelle and Rose Payne were buried in the mentioned cemetery because it was in close proximity to the Payne residence, the 1998 Payne family home could also be located close to or in Hoboken.


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