"My father never wasted time with television. He was too busy majoring in telling other people how to live...and minoring in hypocrisy. He was a family guy--when it suited him."
―Max Payne describes his father.

Jack Payne (1941 – 1979) was the husband of Helen Payne and the father of Max Payne.



Jack served in the Vietnam War, which left him with psychological problems once he came back home, like anger issues and constant nightmares. Jack was an alcoholic who often let his anger get out on Helen in form of beatings.

Much against Helen's will, Jack wanted to teach Max not to fear death, to be tough, a lesson he learned when he was "ambushed during Tet".[1]


In 1976, Helen died, possibly because of Jack's extramarital relationship with a woman called Cheryl. During one night when Jack and Cheryl were drinking in the kitchen, Max enters their room and aims a revolver replica at the couple, angry that Jack betrayed and beat Helen.

In 1979, three years later, Jack dies. He was buried near his wife.


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