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There are 14 chapters in Max Payne 3.

Part I Edit

Chapter I: Something Rotten in the Air

Chapter II: Nothing but the Second Best

Chapter III: Just Another Day at the Office

Chapter IV: Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink (Flashback)

Chapter V: Alive If Not Exactly Well

Part II Edit

Chapter VI: A Dame, a Dork, and a Drunk

Chapter VII: A Hangover Sent Direct from Mother Nature

Chapter VIII: Ain't No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise (Flashback)

Chapter IX: Here I Was Again, Halfway Down the World

Chapter X: It's Drive or Shoot, Sister

Part III Edit

Chapter XI: Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed (Flashback)

Chapter XII: The Great American Savior of the Poor

Chapter XIII: A Fat Bald Dude with a Bad Temper

Chapter XIV: One Card Left to Play

Trivia Edit

  • Chapter XII is the only chapter that doesn't have any bullet time sequence.
  • You can play piano in chapters I, VIII, XI and XII.
  • You can watch TV in chapters III, IV, V, VIII, IX, X and XIII.

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