The Micro 9mm is an SMG in use in Max Payne 3. The weapon can be dual-wielded.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Micro 9mm seems to be based on the Israeli sub-machine gun Mini Uzi. It is a smaller version of the IMI Uzi, first introduced in 1980.

The Mini Uzi is 600 mm (23.62 inches) long, or, with the stock folded, 360 mm (14.17 inches) long. Its barrel length is 197 mm (7.76 inches), its muzzle velocity is 375 m/s (1230 f/s) and its effective range is 100 m. It has a greater automatic rate of fire than the regular Uzi due to the shorter bolt.

The 3 golden parts for said weapon can be found in Chapter V. Upon getting the 3 golden parts, the Micro 9mm get an extended magazine of 45 rounds instead of 32.

Don't get confused with the 9mm pistol of Max Payne 2, it has nothing to do with micro 9mm.Only the bullet's size is same and not the gun.9mm pistol is a handgun while micro 9mm is a sub-machine gun with higher firing accuracy and speed.

It can be assumed that micro 9mm is an advanced model or a successor of the Max Payne 2's Ingram gun,as at some limit,they both look alike.

Social Club descriptionEdit

The Micro 9mm has the fastest rate of fire of all the weapons in the game. However, in comparison to other submachine guns, it has slightly less damage, range, and ammo capacity. It’s more accurate than the M972 submachine gun, but the Micro 9mm is also much heavier.