"A deadly piece of kit that's built like a tank and packs the punch of one too. Whether at a distance via scope or at close quarters, the rapid fire and lightweight nature of this rifle makes short - and messy - work of enemies."
Max Payne 3 website[1]

The Ruger Mini-30 or simply known as Mini-30 is an assault rifle/sniper rifle. The weapon is in use in 2012.


The rifle can be outfitted with the detachable sniper scope. It has been described as being durable and lightweight. The weapon has a barrel length of 18.5" and weighs about 6.8 lbs. without any additional attachments. The rifle uses 7.62x39mm caliber rounds, and has a range of approximately 100 meters, which allows the rifle to be used as a sniper rifle, especially with a scope attachment.



  • Suppressor (Level 2)
  • Compensator (Level 4)
  • Barrel Upgrade (Level 9)


  • Scope (Level 5)


  • Extended Mag (Level 3)
  • Mag Guide (Level 8)


  • Gas Block (Level 6)
  • Gas System Kit (Level 7)


  • Gold Plating (Obtained via story)

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Despite being chambered for the same-sized rounds as the Kalashnikov seen in Max Payne 3, ammunition cannot be picked up and used for the Mini-30.




Max Payne 3 - Mini-30 rifle00:33

Max Payne 3 - Mini-30 rifle


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