"Nothing but the second best, why can't we sit over there, mano?"
―Marcelo talking to Alphonse over Claudio's seat

Nothing but the Second Best is the second chapter in Max Payne 3.


The chapter starts with Max riding a helicopter to a party in Club Moderno with the party goers who are Fabiana, Giovanna and Marcelo along with helicopter pilot Raul Passos. When they arrive at the club, all party goers including Max heads out the helicopter while Passos was told to stay in the helicopter. The four are then escorted by one of Marcelo's friends to the party where both Marcelo and Max go to the VIP room and the girls were on the dance floor. During that time, he and Marcelo were having a brief talk about each other (e.g. Max mentions that he cannot stand the electronic music and the "robotic people"). While Marcelo who was mad about not getting the best seat in the VIP lounge due to Galatians' soccer star Claudio. Soon after, Serrano, the leader of the Comando Sombra later silently uses hand gestures to order his gang members to kidnap both sisters as he sends a signal which results in the gang members (including Serrano) donning their balaclavas, then shoots the ceiling leading the gang kidnapping in Fabiana and Giovanna and killing a few civilians (including the famous soccer player Claudio). Max is forced to fight his way through as he saves Marcelo's life by body-slamming a member through the glass after the member shoots Claudio in the head as Max was finishing off the remaining gang members in the area. Max then phones Passos that Fabiana and Giovanna were kidnapped. Passos mentions he is going to come and assist him but Max declines saying they need a secure exit. Max then proceeds to kill the kidnappers, but the CS manage to block Max's path via an elevator. Max manages to find a way to the girls through the nightclub building but a member pops up and a helicopter arrives at the same time with Marcelo and Passos inside the copter. Max successfully jumps to the copter with the help of Marcelo who then triggers a conversation with the trio (e.g. Marcelo complaining about how Rodrigo is going to react when he hears his wife was kidnapped). Afterwards Max then grabs the red-dot sighted Mini-30 and protects Giovanna from Comando Sombra trying to attack and kill her, providing cover fire from the helicopter. Upon arriving over the helipad, the CS begin to use RPGs to try to destroy the helicopter which results in Max falling out of the copter and grabbing hold of one of the landing skids, but this makes him lose all of his remaining painkillers. Max fends off two waves of gang members who were trying to destroy the helicopter. After fending off the CS members Max slowly looses his grip and falls off the helicopter but luckily, he lands safely on the helipad. Max then continues to soldier on killing the remaining members in order to find Giovanna. After the gun fight, Max succeeds in finding Giovanna who had been hiding safely. Giovanna then signals Passos and Marcelo who then finds relief that Giovanna was safe but unfortunately, Fabiana was taken away.



Video WalkthroughEdit

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Max Payne 3 - Hardcore Walkthrough - Chapter 2 - Nothing but the Second Best


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Obtainable Achievements/TrophiesEdit


Out The Window

Get 6 Kills While Diving Through The VIP Window [FREE AIM]

10 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy