Nothing to Lose is the seventh chapter of Part III in Max Payne.


Now that Max knows where to find Nicole Horne and take his revenge, he slowly makes his way to Aesir Headquarters. Immediately after entering the building, Max sets the metal detectors off, alerting the whole building to his presence and immediately blocking any elevator access to the building's mainframe, as well as Horne's office and penthouse; Max then gets involved in a huge gunfight with Aesir security and the Killer Suits.

After climbing a few staircases and avoiding more laser-emitting explosive traps, Max arrives at an elevator and Mona Sax steps out. It is revealed that she was hired by Aesir to kill Don Punchinello and then later, Max, but she informs him she would rather kill Nicole Horne. Suddenly Mona is shooting at unseen assailants and shoving Max out of harm's way, but she is soon shot in the head and disappears behind closing elevator doors, leaving Max to kill the shooters; when the elevator returns, Mona's body is gone.

Max takes the elevator up to the security office and gives himself access to the security mainframe, so he takes the elevator again, this time down to the basement. Once there, he destroys the servers that hold the security mainframe on them, allowing Max to use the elevator all the way up to Horne's Presidential Office. When Max arrives and looks around, he realizes that Horne isn't in her office, so he then takes another elevator up to her penthouse floor.

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Max and Mona meet again

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On the PS2/Xbox version, this chapter is divided into three sub-chapters: An Eye for an Eye, Stone-Cold Dead and Take Your Pick.

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Nothing to Lose

Complete 'Part III Chapter 7: Nothing To Lose' on any difficulty



  • The beginning of this chapter is very similar to the 'lobby scene' in the 1999 sci-fi action film, The Matrix.
  • At one point, two Killer Suits will be discussing Bullet Time and how interesting it would be to be able to possess such an ability.
  • In the beginning of the chapter, Max will have every weapon available in the game, fully stocked with ammunition; even the Jackhammer and M79 grenade launcher have full ammunition. Additionally, Max will also be equipped with eight bottles of painkillers.


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