One-Armed Bandit  Is a TV show that appears in Max Payne 2 when the player is in the second nightmare. It appears only in one TV and only in his nightmare, as all TV shows in nightmares are by the real events. When you find the TV where Vladimir Lem is asking Vinnie Gognitti to play a question game (in real event Vlad just pushed the detonator without any mini-games), if you decide to watch it seeing the head of Captain BaseBallBat-Boy stature dismembering from the rest of the statue, right at the room of the right door, there is the TV of the show.


It starts with Vladimir Lem and Mona Sax with Vlad saying "Mona Sax", which Mona replies with "Vladimir Lem", then Mona mentions the death of Senator Gates, with Vlad replying "No hard feelings". Then Vlad is complimenting on Mona, saying that they can be a great couple and that she will be Vlad's "Queen", with Mona saying "In your dreams". Mona shots Vlad in the head (Ironically, the nightmare is after max is shot at the head) which Mona says "See? You are nothing but a One-Armed Bandit. Vlad orders his men to chase down the "bitch", where the show ends and the screen is stuck at a "One-Armed Bandit" logo. Max was obviously affected by the "You are nothing but a One-Armed Bandit" line, where three girls in a police lineup  mentioned it before

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