"We had one card left to play."
Max Payne

One Card Left to Play is the fourteenth and final chapter in Max Payne 3.


The mission starts as Wilson Da Silva dropping Max off at the Piratininga Airport in downtown São Paulo. Max tries to sneak into the departure gates, but UFE officers spot him and he runs onto the baggage conveyor. Max takes off his jacket,sunglasses, rolls up his sleeves and loads his gun. UFE officers are storming the baggage handling room, and a gunfight ensues. Max manages to get into the back office area of the airport where more UFE officers are. The officers are subsequently killed in the emerging shootout. Max then reaches to the personnel bathroom to find painkillers and Anders Detling can be seen (if you find him in previous chapters) in the bathroom stall. Max reaches the main terminal in hopes of finding Victor and Becker there, but no avail. Max goes into train station guarded by UFE. It leads to the next terminal. Max kills the special forces before boarding the train. While on the train, more soldiers shoot at Max and he quickly eliminates them. A helicopter flies over the train, as it leaves the tunnels, sending another UFE team aboard it. Upon eliminating them, Max notices a road blockage and jumps onto the other train as this one crashes into the concrete blockage. Max arrives at the station and sneaks by the guarding UFE into the Branco hangar where he locates Becker and Victor as they are preparing to leave. Victor gets aboard, as a gunfight ensues as UFE call for backup, and three units arrive at the scene. Becker is heavily armed with a grenade launcher and a riot shield. The plane leaves the hangar and heads for the runway a little after the police car arrives at the hangar. After Max successfully kills off the units, he runs onto the portable stairs attempting to shoot Becker, but hits his airborne grenade, blowing off his left arm. Max rises up to execute the badly burned Becker as the player has a choice to shoot him or let him die. After Becker has died, Da Silva is heard telling Max to 'get the plane'. He drives by the hangar and Max picks up Becker's grenade launcher. Max and DaSilva drive towards the moving plane, as Max kills all UFE guarding it. They manage to catch up to the plane, and Max blows up the engine, taking Victors's plane down. Victor survives the crash and is arrested by Max and DaSilva. Max attempts to shoot Victor, but DaSilva persuades him to let justice take care of him. Victor then taunts Max by saying he will walk. Max agrees by saying "You'll walk...WITH A LIMP!", and proceeds to stomp on Victor's leg, giving him a painful compound fracture. 

A week later, in Bahia, north of The State of Sao Paulo, Max is seen at a beach bar with a bottle of beer, watching the news. He learns that the 55th battallion of UFE has been disbanded until further notice and that Victor Branco, who was accused of laundering money for the scheme to fund his campaign for mayor, was found hanged in his cell, but it wasn't determined whether it was suicide or homicide. 

Max walks off, staring into the sunset as the screen turns black.

Boss Fight StrategyEdit

You're fighting 18 men total; Becker, 7 officers(one is on the plane), 8 total from the 2 jeeps and 2 from the police car. For maximum efficiency, make sure use the Auto 9mm guns and aim for their heads. Becker always fires grenades each time a unit arrives at the hangar; once when the jeeps come and once when the police car comes. It's recommended that you shoot those grenades instead of dodging. It's important to watch out for his grenades at all times, as he may fire them at random times(this is more likely to occur if you're too close to him; anywhere infront of the baggage cover). 

Don't leave the area past the baggage covers, because a cutscene will trigger and Becker will kill you. 

Character AppearancesEdit

Enemy encountersEdit

  • UFE
  • Armando Becker (Killed)

Video WalkthroughEdit

Max Payne 3 Hardcore Walkthrough - Chapter 14 - One Card Left to Play31:29

Max Payne 3 Hardcore Walkthrough - Chapter 14 - One Card Left to Play


Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide - Chapter 14 Golden Guns & Clues02:42

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide - Chapter 14 Golden Guns & Clues


  • After meeting Anders in the bathroom, if the player re-enters it, he will be gone.
  • Sparing a "dis-armed'" man will earn a player a Bad Day Becker multiplayer deathmatch skin and also a secret achievement/trophy (see obtainable trophies below).
  • In the final cutscene, the Bahian bartender turns up the volume of his TV by using a remote controller. However, his TV set is an old model with a mechanial tuner and manual volume control, which is most probably made in the '70s and should not be remote-controllable unless extensively modified.
  • Salvador is located in Bahia, and is also the place where Passos and Giovanna will be staying, so it's possible that Max and Passos will meet again.
  • In the Grand Theft Auto series, two planes closely resembles the private jet in the final chapter, the Ghawar and the Miljet

Obtainable Achievements/TrophiesEdit


You Push A Man Too Far (secret)

Don't Shoot The Dis-Armed Man

5 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy


The Road Kill Behind Me

Total Everything On The Runway

10 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy


Part III Complete

Complete Part III Of The Story

20 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy

Feel the Payne

Story Complete [MEDIUM]

30 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy
Ach 3

Serious Payne

Story Complete [HARD]

50 Gamerscore / Silver Trophy            


Payne in the Ass

Story Complete [HARDCORE]

20 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy
Ach 4

Maximum Payne

Story Complete [OLD SCHOOL]

80 Gamerscore / Gold Trophy

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