The Killer Was Smiling is the third sub-chapter of the Part III Prologue in the PS2/Xbox version of Max Payne.


After going through an upstairs room and into a long corridor, Max comes across another blood trail, eventually finding a bloody crib. After seeing the crib, Max is suddenly in his and his wife's bedroom, with his wife's dead body on the bed and himself as an NYPD Detective. Max screams "Murderer! You killed her!" at his other self, shooting him down. Max then recalls his wife mentioning a strange memo that came across her desk, possibly regarding Vikings. Max interrupts her, saying he will talk to her more about it later.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Other Character AppearancesEdit

Video WalkthroughEdit

Max Payne Walkthrough (PS2) A Vortex of Green Blood Level 1708:31

Max Payne Walkthrough (PS2) A Vortex of Green Blood Level 17

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