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`The 55th Sao Paulo Special Forces Police Battalion otherwise known as the Unidade de Forças Especiais (English: Special Forces Unit), often shortened to UFE, was a special forces police unit working in São Paulo, Brazil. They were an extremely corrupt police unit that enriched itself from the sale of human beings abducted by the organization to the Cracha Preto to be murdered and their organs stolen. They also served as the enforcers and private army of corrupt politician Victor Branco, killing whoever he sent them after. This put them in conflict with Max Payne, who went on a rampage that ultimately exposed their part in the conspiracy and resulted in their official disbandment. Its currently unknown if any members survived or what became of them.


Behind the scenesEdit


The members of UFE are some of the most difficult enemies to kill in Max Payne 3 due to their extremely thick body armor; most of them wear ballistic helmets, making headshots more difficult to pull off. They are also equipped with high-powered rifles, such as the FAL or the G6 Commando. They have Tier-1 equipment, such as smoke grenades and Grenades.

They operates with a large fleet of jeeps, helicopters, transport vans and battle trucks armed with a machine gun turret.


The Unidade de Forças Especiais is a fictional police force created for the Max Payne 3 game by Rockstar. It is based on and inspired by the Rio de Janeiro's BOPE unit, and São Paulo's own GATE, GARRA, ROTA and GOE troops.[1]

Pre-order patchEdit

A real-life physical patch of the UFE, ready to be sewn to clothing, is available as a pre-order bonus of Max Payne 3 from selected Canadian and South African merchants.[2][3]

Appearances Edit

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