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    The second Max Payne 3 comic issue in the trilogy is titled "Hoboken Blues" and has now been made available for download from the official Max Payne 3 website. This release follows "After the Fall", which came out back in May.

    So don't wait and go sink your teeth into the new comic book!

    Source: "Download “Hoboken Blues”: Issue #2 of the Max Payne 3 Original Comic Produced by Marvel" at the Rockstar Newswire

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  • TheBearPaw

    Max Payne 2 ended with the line "Max Payne's journey through the night will continue". And ever since 2003 the sequel has been eagerly anticipated.

    The winter of 2009, as originally promised, did not bring us Max Payne 3, but, today, May 15th, 2012, after an epic nine-year-long wait for the Max Payne fans, the game is finally being released to the world. First, in North America and for the consoles only but, by the 1st of June, it will have come out worldwide and for the PC system as well.

    There is a lot to be cautious about when anticipating the way the game'll turn out to be: the developers and the writers are completely new, the protagonist's appearance will change radically, the setting (both place and day time) will be changed dramatically. T…

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  • TheBearPaw

    If you are reading this news message and have not yet read the first issue of Max Payne 3 special comic "After the Fall", released a short while ago (May 4th, 2012), then drop everything and head to Rockstar's Max Payne 3 comic section to download it for free.

    This is the very first Max Payne comic for the franchise.

    P.S. Don't forget to imagine James McCaffrey voicing it in your head! ;)

    Source: "Download Issue #1 of the Max Payne 3 Original Comic Produced by Marvel: “After the Fall”" at the official Max Payne 3 website

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  • TheBearPaw

    In breaking and completely unexpected news, Rockstar announced a real-life 3-part Max Payne 3 comics project, a collaboration between Rockstar, Marvel and even Remedy's own Sam Lake.

    The story of the comic books will cover some events of Max Payne's life, ranging from those even before the original Max Payne to those of Max Payne 3, and will be co-written by Rockstar Games' own scribe Dan Houser and Sam Lake, while the art will be handled by the Marvel Comics' artists. Marvel is, of course, a very well known American comic publisher, most famous for its superhero comics (Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.).

    The Max Payne 3 comics project will see the return of the father of Max Payne, Sam Lake, to the Max Payne franchise after all. After its 2004 sale from Rem…

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  • TheBearPaw

    Max Payne Mobile, the release of the 2001 classic Max Payne for mobile devices received an official launch date. The game is coming to iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1, iPad 2 and the new iPad on April 12th, 2012, and to select (not yet named) Android devices on April 26th.

    The game will contain "HD graphics, high-resolution textures, Social Club connectivity and user-customizable controls."

    This is not the first time Max Payne becomes handheld, however. A special version of the game was created by Mobius Entertainment for the Game Boy Advance console in 2003. The game was an isometric, much simplified version of the original Remedy title, having 12 converted original chapters of 25, but retaining James McCaffrey's narrati…

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